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Hydrogen - 10 Best Innovations

The worldwide energy demand continues to grow at a substantial rate. However, the majority of the energy sources the world depends on release greenhouse gas emissions, particularly carbon dioxide, into the atmosphere.

As such, Hydrogen as a clean, low-carbon energy resource can meet the world’s energy needs, replacing traditional fossil fuels. In this article, we present some significant innovations in the field:

The Hopium Machine: the French hydrogen car

Market: Mobility & Transport; Energy & Natural Resources

Short Description: Hydrogen is the new trend in the mobility and transport field. It is seen as a serious opportunity to fight against transport pollution. To benefit from this new market trend, a French startup called Hydrogen Motive Company has developed a hydrogen-fueled car prototype branded Hopium. This prototype must come out in its first rolling version in 2021.



A British lab has created an artificial plant that turns CO2 into oxygen and fuel