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Hydrogen - 10 Best Innovations

The worldwide energy demand continues to grow at a substantial rate. However, the majority of the energy sources the world depends on release greenhouse gas emissions, particularly carbon dioxide, into the atmosphere.

As such, Hydrogen as a clean, low-carbon energy resource can meet the world’s energy needs, replacing traditional fossil fuels. In this article, we present some significant innovations in the field:

The Hopium Machine: the French hydrogen car

Market: Mobility & Transport; Energy & Natural Resources

Short Description: Hydrogen is the new trend in the mobility and transport field. It is seen as a serious opportunity to fight against transport pollution. To benefit from this new market trend, a French startup called Hydrogen Motive Company has developed a hydrogen-fueled car prototype branded Hopium. This prototype must come out in its first rolling version in 2021.



A British lab has created an artificial plant that turns CO2 into oxygen and fuel

Markets: Energy & Natural Resources; Environment

Short Description: Researchers from Cambridge University have worked on an artificial plant able to turn CO2 into oxygen and fuel. The new device uses CO2, water, and sunlight as ingredients and then produces oxygen and formic acid that can be stored as fuel. The acid can be used directly or converted into hydrogen - another potentially clean energy fuel.



SGH2 is launching one of the biggest green hydrogen production units

Market: Energy & Natural Resources; Environment

Short Description: Californian global energy company SGH2 is launching the world’s biggest green hydrogen production unit. The technology will work by gasifying any kind of waste, from plastic and paper to tires and textiles. The SGH2 plant will process 42,000 tons of recycled waste annually, producing up to 11,000 kilograms of green hydrogen per day.



Sewage to be converted into hydrogen for powering zero-emission vehicles

Market: Environment. Energy & Natural Resources; Mobility and Transport

Short Description: Welsh Water (a non-profit water company) Cardiff Council and Costain (Technology Company) are partnering to transform sewage into a hydrogen-based fuel. The wastewater is processed into a microbe-rich solid state and then transformed into fuel. Welsh Water is hoping to use this technology to decarbonize its entire fleet of vehicles saving around 9,000 tonnes of CO2 a year and also significantly reducing their contribution to air pollution.



ENGIE Cofely partners with Pragma Industries start-up for a project of hydrogen bikes

Market: Mobility & Transport; Environment; Energy & Natural Resources

Short Description: ENGIE Cofely and Pragma Industries are planning to develop the hydrogen bicycle industry in France by producing hydrogen fuel cell bicycles. They will have autonomy of more than 100 km and can be recharged in less than 3 minutes. These bicycles can be used for various purposes: eco-tourism, professional fleet, or even as part of an urban self-service system.



Bosch launches the development of a solid oxide fuel cell to equip trucks

Market: Mobility & Transport; Energy & Natural Resources; Environment

Short Description: Bosh German Automotive Equipment is working on the H2Haul project with the startup Powercell to manufacture a fuel cell that can be fitted on trucks. They are currently working on developing a solid oxide fuel cell and the production is expected in 2022 - 2023.



The European Marine Energy Centre plans to combine tidal power and battery technology to generate continuous green hydrogen

Market: Energy & Natural Resources; Environment

Short Description: A project off the coast of Scotland aims to produce green hydrogen continuously by using tidal power. The system features a battery that stores the energy during periods of high energy absorption and then releases it at periods where power isn't generated at a high rate. The power is converted into hydrogen through electrolysis and aims to be connected to the grid in 2021.



PowiDian propose hydrogen-powered generators that aim to decarbonize construction sites

Markets: Energy & Natural Resources; Environment; Building & Infrastructure

Short Description: Hydrogen-powered generators could soon appear on construction sites. The ones that PowiDian will propose in 2020 are already of interest to equipment manufacturers because, in addition to being silent, they decarbonize construction. To offset the high cost of acquiring a hydrogen fuel cell, Powidian will make a twist in its business model: rather than selling the generators, they will offer an energy sales service.



Hyundai has developed hydrogen-fueled excavators and forklifts

Market: Mobility & Transport; Energy & Natural Resources; Environment

Short Description: Hydrogen is the new trend in the mobility and transport field. It is seen as a serious opportunity to fight against transport pollution and the limits of electric vehicles. To benefit from this new market trend, Hyundai has developed hydrogen-fueled excavators and forklifts. The development is starting this year and plans to roll out the technology as soon as 2023.



Picea, a solution from HPS Home Power Solutions GmbH, makes your home energy self-sufficient by storing energy in the summer

Markets: Buildings & Infrastructures; Energy & Natural Resources

Short Description: Picea consists of a battery, an electrolyzer, and a fuel cell. It is also connected to solar panels and hydrogen storage cylinders. In summer the energy generated by the solar panels is used to power the house and the surplus energy is stored in Picea's battery. When the battery is full, if there is still a surplus of energy, it is used to run the electrolyzer to produce hydrogen which is stored in the cylinders. For the moment the system is dimensioned to be able to supply a 150m² house with energy self-sufficiency.



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