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Circular Economy in the Energy Sector

Mis à jour : févr. 25

Climate concerns have already been placing pressure on the traditional linear economic approach. Therefore, companies in all industries have the potential to play a huge role in the development of a circular economy approach especially in the energy sector.

Moreover, many technological developments could contribute to this transition such as low-carbon energy solutions, materials composition, and efficiency, carbon capture, etc.

However, many aspects should be considered as this economic transition will also increase the consumption of raw materials, for example in the production of solar panels and batteries that cannot be recycled easily.

In the following newsletter, we will give you a first glance at the innovations and actions taken by players in the energy sector taking into consideration the circular economy goals and strategies determined by Intelleco:

Title: Energy Vault, a Swiss company that uses construction waste such as concrete to store kinetic energy

Circular Goals & Objectives: Respect & Improve the environment (Recover waste)/ Close Technical Cycle (Use recycled materials)

Description: Energy Vault has developed a new storage system with a total storage capacity of between 10 to 35 MWh. The system consists in erect concrete blocks at the top of a crane to form a tower to store kinetic energy. The company has decided to use the waste from the construction industry, such as rubble and concrete, and then mix it with new cement. This allows them to recover waste, accomplish sustainable goals, and reduce costs.