Best Innovations November - Part 1

Mis à jour : 12 nov. 2020

Markets: Food & Beverage; Environment.

Title: Winnow helps to reduce food waste using computer vision

Short description: Winnow’s technology is a monitoring software that offers the ability to tackle food waste on a global scale. It is an advanced food waste management technology that uses AI to maximize operational efficiency and data accuracy, reducing food waste.


Markets: Agriculture & farming; Food & Beverage.

Title: A large scale cultivation method tested in Germany for the use of fewer pesticides

Short description: Many species of insects are threatened because of modern agriculture and pesticides. An experiment conducted by the universities of Göttingen and Kiel in Germany tried a large scale mixed crop to help the insects having a "complementary diet" and use fewer pesticides.


Market: Building and Infrastructure; Environment; Energy & Natural Resources

Title: ENGIE developed a retrofit solution to existing UK housing to reduce its environmental footprint.

Short Description: With UK households accounting for more than a quarter of the entire UK CO2 emissions, ENGIE has announced the launch of an innovative house retrofit solution. It includes the installation of solar PV and battery storage systems; Fabric improvements to the roof, walls and flooring; A low carbon heating and hot water solution; Mechanical ventilation; long-term maintenance and monitoring.


Market: Fashion & Apparel; Health & Wellness; Manufacturing and Engineering

Title: NordShield developed a technology that provides safe and long-lasting antimicrobial protection to surfaces and textiles

Short Description: We live in a world where bacterias are increasing risk to human well-being. To cope with this threat, the company NordShield developed a high-performing and non-toxic antimicrobial alternative technology. The technology forms a bioactive molecular net on the treated surface providing safe and long-lasting antimicrobial protection on everything from textiles to skin, plastic, and metals.


Market: Aerospace & Defense; Health & Wellness

Title: Portable AI medical kit could save lives on the battlefield

Short Description: Researchers at two U.S. universities are creating an AI-powered emergency medical kit to save lives on the battlefield. TRACIR would provide robotically-controlled critical care interventions to patients in remote and austere environments.


Market: Mobility & Transport; Energy & Natural Resources; Environment.

Title: Oceanbird is Sweden's new 100% wind-powered freighter

Short Description: Means of transport using combustion engines harm the environment because they emit CO2 and contribute to the pollution of the planet. That is why, Oceanbird cargo ship is a promising innovation because it runs entirely on wind energy and is capable of transporting 7,000 vehicles across the Atlantic in twelve days, which is equivalent to a freight capacity of 32,000 tons.


Market: Retail & Commerce; Advertising & Marketing

Title: Alibaba opens a pop-up store shop in Paris to test the French market

Short Description: According to Statista, 66% of Alibaba's revenues were from the domestic market at the beginning of 2020. Alibaba is then trying to expand in Europe, and after opening a permanent shop in Spain, they inaugurated a pop-up store where you can see and touch objects and buy them online. The goal is to increase brand awareness in Paris and France.


Market: Health & Wellness

Title: An e-tattoo developed by the University of Texas is capable of monitoring the heart of a patient.

Short Description: An e-tattoo was developed by the team of the University of Texas in Austin. It is capable of monitoring the heart using two functions; electrocardiography (ECG) and seismocardiography (SCG). The e-tattoo can temporarily adhere to the patient’s chest right above the heart and is capable of stretching along with the skin of the patient. The e-tattoo contains sensors that provide insights and data regarding heart health and will be able to transmit information to an app or computer.


Market: Food & Beverage; Environment; Materials & Packaging

Title: ZenWTR creates the first Ocean-Bound Plastic Beverage Bottle

Short Description: ZenWTR, a startup that creates a beverage bottle has worked on a sustainable plastic bottle. The company created a beverage bottle that is 100% made from recycled ocean-bound plastic. Thus, they reach the sustainable goals of responsible consumption and production and life bellow water while impacting, in the long run, the way plastic bottles are produced.


Market: Mobility & Transport; Health & Wellness; Environment

Title: ROLLOE is a bicycle wheel that uses movement to actively purify air via washable filters

Short Description: Pollution is a major problem in urban life. While pollution control measures are being implemented in some cities and internationally, the problem of pollution is still far from being solved. This English student found a clever idea to fight pollution on an individual scale. He imagined a system of filters to be hung on the front wheel of a bicycle in order to capture polluted air and thus make it cleaner.


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