10 Best Innovations - Business Models (Shared Value & Recurrent Revenue)

Mis à jour : 15 déc. 2020

The city of Minneapolis uses a Pay As You Save system to promote energy efficiency

Markets: Energy & Natural Resources; Smart Cities; Environment

Short Description: The city of Minneapolis is seeking permission to launch what would be one of the nation's largest on-bill financing programs for energy efficiency.

Through this program, the company EEtility will use data to target homes that consume significantly more energy than the city's average to help them become energy efficient.

Under the proposal, customers would be able to borrow money for energy improvements and repay it through their monthly utility bills. A Business Model that is most commonly known as Pay as You Save.

The main objective is to increase the quality of life and health of residents through energy savings and improved indoor air quality.

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The M-Zone project aims to reduce the use of cars in Munich by using a dynamic sharing parking system

Markets: Mobility & Transport; Smart City

Short Description: The M-Zone project seeks to optimize parking spaces in Munich by using AI and blockchain for warning drivers when there are parking spaces left, but above all, it allows to reduce of car trips.

Artificial intelligence (AI) lab Fetch.ai and blockchain firm Datarella will support the sustainable and efficient use of city infrastructure in Munich through an application where they will autonomously negotiate the price of parking spaces between the holders and those looking for space. Moreover, users are incentivized to use public transport by being rewarded with digital coins for not parking in the parking lot.

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Sealed is using Pay As You Save scheme to implement their Innovative Residential Energy Efficiency Program

Markets: Energy & Natural Resources; Home Services & Real State; Environment

Short Description: Sealed is a redefined energy service for homeowners and finance energy efficiency home improvements directly with the resulting energy savings.

Sealed calculates energy savings via analytics that uses machine-learning principles to accurately predict energy usage. These energy savings are used to finance energy efficiency improvements such as insulation, air sealing, smart thermostats, etc.

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RoboBees are autonomous flying microrobots available for licensing

Markets: Environment; Aerospace & Defense; Smart Cities

Short Description: RoboBee is a small robot with the ability to fly, developed by a robotics research team at Harvard University in Massachusetts.

Insect-inspired robots with potential uses in crop pollination, search and rescue missions, surveillance, as well as high-resolution weather, climate, and environmental monitoring.

RoboBee's three-centimeter wingspan makes it one of the smallest artificial insect-like device designed for flight.

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Lilium is a usage sharing system jets that plan to create mini-airports in cities

Markets: Mobility & Transport

Short Description: Lilium is a company focused on all-electric regional air mobility. Their jets are designed for personal displacements into cities. They can transport up to four people at a time and takes off and lands vertically.

Recently, they have announced their objective to develop small airports inside the centers of big cities.

They are developing a usage sharing system ecosystem that will connect customer bookings and operations, ensuring aircraft are kept highly utilized and are deployed to match customer demand.

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Clear Labs will license a genomic data platform hoping to stop E-coli outbreaks

Markets: Food & Beverage; Health & Wellness

Short Description: Clear Labs, a genomic data platform, was created with the main goal of stopping E-coli outbreaks in food production and to monitor and secure complex supply chains. The platform is able to find bad batches testing for ingredient accuracy, origin, GMOs, bacterial contamination, and allergens — as well as nutritional data and off-label additives. They are planning to accelerate the licensing of its technology to third-party laboratories.

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AMI, the Citroën new 100% electric car available as a Simple Selling and Usage Sharing System business model

Markets: Mobility & Transport; Environment

Short Description: Citroën developed this original vehicle with the idea of proposing an alternative mode of transportation within cities as it is been offered as a car-sharing system.

Ami car is easy to drive, ultra-compact, agile, and contains only the essentials. It is a simple car for the special needs of city transportation and urban mobility. It offers a 100% electric mobility experience, this means, zero CO2 emissions.

Ami is available through car-sharing system via Free2Move or purchase through Fnac and Darty.

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Octopus is using a license business model to promote its automated disinfection robots against coronavirus

Markets: Health & Wellness

Short Description: Octopus robots relaunched the original version of its disinfection robot with an innovative diffusion technology. The technology used is "dry mist". Regardless of the robot itself, the thermal fogging device generates a dry fog, similar to smoke, consisting of drops of 12 micrometers in diameter. The company says it can be directed to target certain equipment. At an average speed of 20 centimeters per second, the Octopus should be able to disinfect about 2,500 cubic meters per hour. The company is considering licensing production agreements of this technology with industrial partners.

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Au Vide Grenier: A permanent garage sale network in France operating as a Franchise Business Model

Markets: Retails & Commerce; Environment

Short Description: Au Vide Grenier Angers is a permanent garage sale that allows the purchase of second-hand products, by offering rental stands for individuals. The customers, that want to buy second-hand products, can find anything they desire from furniture, instruments to clothes and deco.

On one hand, is in a traditional yard sale, a large number of private individuals come every week to drop off their items, which guarantees a constant supply of new items. On the other hand, customers can become sellers by reserving a table.



Clem' extends its electric car-sharing service to commercial vehicles

Markets: Mobility & Transport

Short Description: Due to coronavirus, e-commerce, and delivery services have been increasing radically. Therefore, the French startup Clem-e is extending its offer with the deployment of commercial vehicles aiming to help shopkeepers and traders in the delivery service.

A fleet of 266 new electric vehicles are been offered for car sharing, mainly for traders and craftspeople in Paris City with the main goal of offering a better option to optimize last-mile delivery within the city and reduce CO2 emission.

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